Altbot: Compare Business Energy The Smart Way  

Imagine comparing business energy tariffs with the simplicity and speed of an AI powered chatbot with the experience, practicality and understanding of a human being.  

Sound like a dream? 

Well, that’s exactly what Altbot provides.  

Robots to do the hard work, humans to do the clever work, so you can focus on your work. 

That means you get cheaper quotes, a faster turn around and a significantly easier experience than you get from other brokers.

But we also do more than that. 

Altbot’s mission: great deals, low admin 

Let’s be honest, the admin involved in switching energy suppliers’ is a pain. We know that, you know that, even the suppliers know that. 

So, why do it? 

We’re not just another business energy comparison site, we’re here to challenge the way things are done. Part of that is making the whole process as little admin as possible, letting you submit photos of your bill and we’ll do the rest. 

And we’re only just getting started! 

Part of the Amber Enterprise Group  

Altbot is new and we appreciate that it takes time to build trust.

But as part of the Amber Enterprise Group, we’ve been operating in the industry for over a decade, employ over 70 experts and have been awarded multiple prestigious industry awards. 

In 2018, our sister company – amber energy – was named as TPI of the Year at the Energy Awards. While amber primarily works with large property clients and high intensity energy users, the team work closely with Altbot to help small and medium sized businesses get the best deals on their energy. 

We hold ourselves to the same standard, employ the same honest, open approach and are still fiercely independent. Our unique algorithm rates energy suppliers based on a multitude of factors in order to pick the suppliers who not only provide the best rates, but whose service is suited to your needs. 

Ready to see the future of business energy comparisons?