Do you have a question about Altbot?

We may just have the answer that you’re looking for.

How does Altbot work?

Now that would be telling! Basically, some clever people created a chatbot, combined it with artificial intelligence, added in some machine learning, designed an algorithm and set it on energy brokers. This is the result.

Why switch with Altbot?

Simple. Low fees, fast quotes, no call backs and minimum admin – what’s not to love?

We also do something other brokers don’t – we vet each supplier using our unique algorithm to ensure you won’t be left with rubbish customer service or a supplier who goes bust within six months of you joining them.  

Who can switch using Altbot?

 Albot works for all types of business! Whether you’re a sole trader or have shops all over the UK, we can help you get the best price on your business energy. We can find deals for both half hourly and non-half hourly meters.

Who do I talk to if I have an issue?

We only help your business to switch supplier, if there is an issue with Altbot then let us know via

For everything else, please contact your energy supplier or, in the case of a powercut, your DNO.