Why Altbot?

Because, the best energy supplier isn’t always cheapest.

What we mean by that is that with so many energy suppliers going bust (we counted nine in 2018) it makes sense to do a bit of due diligence before switching supplier.

Altbot’s unique algorithm takes the hassle out of that, checking against a number of key factors and rating each supplier with a mark out of 100, with 100% being the best

We call this the Alterithm Score.

Most of the time, the price we come back with will be the cheapest. However, on the off-chance that it isn’t, we’ll give you the option to look at all suppliers and compare the prices and the Alterithm Scores for yourself.

The lower the Alterithm Score, the less confident we are in that supplier’s ability to deliver a great level of service – worst case scenario, that supplier goes bust while you’re in contract with them.

That means that you’re out of contract and need to find a new supplier again or face paying significantly more expensive energy costs. 

Our Alterithm Score is designed to prevent this from happening, putting you with the best supplier with the cheapest rates.

Saving you money and hassle.

That’s the Altbot way.